Play Along with Piano Accompaniments - Improve Skills of Violin, Viola, Cello Violy

Violy musicians, how’s your practice? To present you with a “violy” way to practice violin, viola and cello, we will go through Violy’s features of polyphony playback and accompaniments in this article.

Play along with Metronome

Open the Violy app and enter the piece you want to practice. Here we take Canon in D major for an example:

Enter the score, click on the icon of “Metronome” on the left side to turn it on.

Tempo of the music can be adjusted by dragging the spanner.

Press the “play” button and check the current tempo.

Now let’s return to the sheet music page.

Click on the blue “Play” button to start playing the music.

If the tempo has been adjusted before, the music will be played at the current speed.

During playing, the click sound of metronome can be turned on or off by clicking on the first icon in the bottom left corner.

Play along with Piano Accompaniment

Turn on the piano accompaniment by clicking on the second icon of “Keyboard”.

The volume of piano accompaniment can be adjusted by clicking on the “Mixer” icon on the upper side.

Play along with Polyphony and other Instruments

The third icon of “Vln.” represents the sound of the first violin. It can be turned on or off according to your own needs.

Just as same as it works for the piano accompaniment, the volume of the first violin can be adjusted as well.

Ditto for the second violin. Just click on the fourth icon to turn it on or off, and set its volume.

That’s all for the introduction of the features of polyphony playback and accompaniments.

Now you can start to practice your violin, viola or cello in a “violy” way. If there are any other problems, you are welcomed to contact Violy team at any time.

Stay tuned, Violy musicians, more instructional articles based on Violy features will be released~

Have a HAPPY practice!!

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