Violy Institution Account

Account for Music Schools

Music academies, music schools, and music conservatories, can apply for institutional account on Violy, which allows music institution admins to manage student groups, classes, and education progress easier with the listed features:

  • Customized App Opening Picture;
  • Institution Members (Contact list for teachers and students on Violy);
  • Institution Admins (Institution managers who can manage the groups and classes);
  • Institution Groups (Practice Overview on each group);
  • Unified Account for Live Class Pro;
  • Yearly Premium and Live Class Pro Discount;

To create an institutional account, please contact us at:,

Customized App Opening Picture

Institution owner can upload the app opening picture, and every member of the institution will have the same app opening effect.

Institution admin can also set a logo and a banner for the institution. It can be confirmed on the page of Institution (“Me > I’m a teacher > Institution > Institution”).

Institution Members

Once the institutional account has been activated, account owner can enter Members page (“Me > I’m a teacher > Institution > Members”) and add Violy app users to the institution.

Different from private group, the members of institution can be grouped directly with out inviting/adding later. It is similar to adding friends on WhatsApp, or any other message apps.

To add a teacher, please enter the teacher’s Violy account (with no national code, with no space blank) beside “Add teacher” button, and click on “Add teacher”.

To add a student, please enter the student’s Violy account (with no national code, with no space blank) beside “Add student” button, and click on “Add student”.

You can also add members to the institution by sending the invitation link of an institution group (see “Institution Groups”).

Institution Admins

After adding a teacher, the owner can set the teacher as an admin of the institution account. An admin can also add/remove people to/from the institution, create groups, and schedule Live Class lessons (“Classroom > +Create”).

Institution page (“Me > I’m a teacher > Institution”) is only accessible for the owner and the admins.

However, an admin can only be promoted by an owner, an admin can not set another admin.

Institution Groups

Institution Groups can be created by the owner and the admins on Groups page (“Me > I’m a teacher > Institution > Groups”).

Enter the Groups page (“Me > I’m a teacher > Institution > Groups”), and click on +New Group.

And input “Group Name” and select a “Group Owner” from institution teachers.

Once the group is created, even if the institution owner and admins are not the group owner, they can still manage the group. And the created group will be displayed on Students page of its teachers’.

If the group owner is not the institution owner, nor admin, the group owner can only manage the group on Students page (“Students > Groups”).

However, the members of institution group will be automatically synchronized to institution members, which means it is possible to add institution members by sending an Invitation Link (“Students > Groups > Invite students”) of the institution’s group.

The institution owner and the admins can check practice progress (Audition and Note-by-note) and practice rank on Overall page (“Me > I’m a teacher > Institution > Overall”).

Unified Account for Live Class Pro

All of the cost generated by the institutional groups is taken from the balance of Institution Account (“Me > I’m teacher > Institution > Institution”).

To top up the balance for an institution account, please contact us directly.

Yearly Premium and Live Class Pro Discount

We provide huge discount of Yearly Premium membership and Live Class Pro for institutions, please contact us to learn more!,

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