Best Violin Apps for 2021

Professional Apps for Violin Playing

Violin apps designed for violinists have transformed the ways of practicing, learning, and teaching the instrument. Thanks to the amazing apps and the professional developers, especially during the Covid quarantine, violin players at all levels are able to customize their playing in a smarter way.

So which ones are the best violin apps for 2021? Let’s dive in.

Violy: A Smart Music Classroom That Connects Violin Teachers and Students

For Violy violinists, Violy App is definitely their favorite. It allows violin teachers to start violin classes online, and allows the teachers and students to review their practice homework anytime and anywhere.

Teach Remote Violin Lessons

Violin teachers may find that online violin classes are not always pleasant due to the poor audio quality for the instrument during the video chat. But with Violy, the problem can be readily solved.

In Violy App’s “Classroom“ page, violin teachers can build the virtual music classroom. Through the “Live Class“ feature, teachers can make video calls to violin students instantly and give violin lessons online. The specially optimized, high-definition audio and video transmission helps pave the way for the smooth progression of remote music education during the challenging time.

With Violy App, teachers are able to hear each single layer no matter how complicated the chords/ensembles are!

Have too many students to notify before the class begins? Don’t worry, the “Classroom“ feature makes it possible for each violin teacher to schedule violin classes and get every participant informed on time.

Customize the Violin Practice for Each Violin Student

It can be a rewarding journey to practice the instrument in a “Violy” way.

Violin teachers cannot always be around students. But after the violin lessons, some violin beginners may still need someone to help their practice and give them feedback. Violy can take up the baton.

By playing “EADG” on the violin, violin students can initiate a “Smart Audition“. The feature tracks and records the users’ playing, and automatically scores on the intonation and rhythm. After playing, more details based on the performance can be found in the analysis report. In this way, every moment of the users’ daily practice is visualized and statistically analyzed.

For the ones who need to get familiar with the music in a short time, “Note-by-note“ can assist. Under “Note-by-note” mode, each music note being played can be checked. Once there is a misplayed note, the cursor will pause until the note is corrected.

What advanced violin players are looking for is an accompanist, and Violy can play the role. As long as the users open a music score with “Acc.” symbol, they can choose to play along with the “Accompaniments & Ensembles” at any tempo and volume.

It can be exciting for all violinists to play what they truly enjoy. Violy’s sheet music library “Music Cloud“ includes a large violin repertoire, and provides you with a complete control over thousands of classical and pop sheet music and backing tracks, including tempo, volume, and all kinds of musical notation. But if the learners cannot find the sheet music they need in the app, they can visit the “Creator Studio“ to upload the music scores on their own.

Violy is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices. New users can have a FREE 7-day premium gift. Also, the app is FREE for every music educator.

SmartMusic: Offers An Abundant Violin Repertoire and Helps Violin Teachers Track Students’ Progress

As a comprehensive tool for music education, SmartMusic is popular among music teachers and music schools.

A Rich Seam of Violin Sheet Music

In the repertoire of SmartMusic, either a classical music player or a rock fan can find what they are fond of. With a music library which accompanies violin players at all levels with professional accompaniments, violin teachers and students can get access to violin sheet music of all genres and difficulty levels.

Also, premium users are able to print the music scores.

Effective Violin Playing

Knowing how the violin practice goes directly from the sheet music seems to be attractive. Immediate feedback on pitch and rhythm is accessible in SmartMusic as well. Violin students can see what they played correctly or incorrectly, receive a performance score, and listen to their recording.

To get familiar with certain sections in the piece, the users can select consecutive measures, set them as loops, and practice them constantly.

Tools for Violin Teachers

Nobody will refuse the promotion of efficiency with the aid of technology. That’s why violin teachers should not miss the useful tools below.

In SmartMusic, Violin teachers can assign homework to students, provide them with feedback, and track their progress. By accessing the students’ recordings, assignments, and performance scores, violin teachers are able to understand the students’ learning and practice in a better way.

The “Sight Reading Builder” allows violin teachers to create an unlimited number of sight-reading exercises for any student or ensemble.

Being web-based, SmartMusic can only be used on computers and iPads.

Trala: A Violin App Friendly to Violin Beginners

Trala is developed entirely by professional violinists. Learning violin from the world’s best violinists can appeal to a large number of violin learners.

Instant Feedback on Violin Performance

Receiving feedback at once can be an impetus for beginners to move on. As a violin app especially helpful to beginner violinists, Trala prides itself on giving the users instant feedback. Like a tutor, the app listens to what the users are playing, and provides guidance on what they are doing. Both MIDI tracks and sheet music are supported in the app.

After the users’ playing, scores on pitch and rhythm pop out right away. Players can practice the same piece time after time to get improved.

Multiple Violin Tutorials and Sheet Music

How thrilling it can be to be taught step-by-step by professional performers? With a variety of violin tutorials, Trala helps the violin beginners learn postures, string crossings, scales, tone quality, vibrato, scores of classical songs, etc..

The sheet music library in Trala mainly contains scales and arpeggios, which are often the most effective modes of warmup for any violinist, and are essential for learning notes, fingering positions, and hand shifting.

To stick to the playing, creating a personal practice schedule is helpful. Trala allows users to do so. From holding the violin to playing advanced violin pieces, Trala guides violin players to step forward. The progress bars make it easier for the users to view their performance.

Trala can be used on both iOS and Android mobile devices. However, the iOS version is more user-friendly.

Jameasy: A Violin App That Makes Violin Practice Fun and Easy

Violin learning requires repetitive practice. Jameasy intends to turn tedious violin practice into fun experiences.

Real-time Feedback on Violin Playing and Gamification

For those violin players who get absorbed in music games, game-like violin playing in Jameasy can be their cup of tea.

Under “Practice” mode, violin students can play along with the accompaniments and the metronome. In the meanwhile, the real-time feedback with sparkle effects can be seen on the sheet music.

Also, users are able to select certain sections to practice repeatedly. After playing, the practicing records can be accessed right away.

Under “Concert” mode, violin players are provided with a feeling like playing in a virtual concert. Scores, awards, and rankings are offered when the playing ends.

Violin Tuner

A useful violin tuner is always necessary for a violinist, since no one likes their instruments to be out of tune while playing.

With a built-in violin tuner, Jameasy users can tune their instruments at any time. Since the tuner automatically recognizes the sound produced by the strings, violin students do not need to choose certain strings manually.

The optional range of frequency is from 420 to 460 Hz.

Jameasy can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play Store.

Tomplay: A Violin App for Immersive Violin Playing

With a variety of interactive violin sheet music covering multiple styles, Tomplay is the one recommended for intermediate and advanced violin students.

In Tomplay, users can play along with real recordings made by professional violinists. Before signing up, the violin players can set their own playing level, and will receive free recommended sheet music after login.

Digitized Music Scores and Recording Feature

All sheet music in Tomplay scrolls automatically on the screen in time with the accompanying music. The tempo of the accompaniments is adjustable. Violin players can slow down or speed up the tempo to match their level, which allows them to progress at their own pace.

For violin students, it is helpful to record themselves while playing in the app. In this way, they can listen to the performance, and make improvement more rapidly.

Annotate and Print the Violin Sheet Music

The annotating feature in Tomplay provides an opportunity for violin teachers and students to add personalized annotations to the violin sheet music, and say goodbye to the scribbles and eraser marks on paper music scores. What’s more, the sheet music can be printed directly with or without the annotations.

Tomplay is available on computers and mobile devices with iOS and Android systems.

Tonara: Helps Violin Teachers Manage Music Education

Technically speaking, Tonara is more like an online music education studio.

Keep Violin Teachers Updated on Students’ Violin Practice

In Tonara, violin teachers are able to create smart assignments for their students. Materials including comparing recordings, videos, voice notes, written notes, etc. can be sent along with the assignments.

In the “Compare Recording“ assignment, Tonara’s AI technology compares the students’ playing to a pre-recorded piece. Then the app will provide the student with real-time feedback on their fluency, pitch, rhythm, and tempo.

Also, through Tonara, violin teachers can set goals for the students, and see the details of their daily practice. The “messaging“ feature helps both sides communicate at all times.

In addition, violin teachers can schedule and give online violin lessons through desktop version of Tonara.

Customize Violin Students’ Music Learning Plan

Tonara makes it possible for violin students to choose violin teachers that fit their needs, budget, and timetable, and engage in virtual violin lessons anywhere.

Being connected with the teachers, young learners are able to receive and complete the assignments more easily. After finishing the tasks, violin students can earn points which demonstrate how they make progress.

Like Tomplay, Tonara is also supported on computers, iOS mobile devices, and Android mobile devices.

MuseScore: A Notation Software for Creating and Playing Violin Sheet Music

When it comes to music notation software, MuseScore cannot be neglected. For violin players who have a demand for composing or finding multiple music scores, MuseScore is definitely a good choice.

Write and Notate Violin Music

Supporting a wide variety of file formats and input methods, Musecore empowers violin teachers and students to create their own sheet music, and annotate it according to the need. The notation software is totally free to use.

The music scores can be played, saved, uploaded to other websites, or printed.

Play Violin Music and Communicate with Violin Players Worldwide

MuseScore is accompanied by a mobile score viewer and playback app, and an online score sharing platform.

In the mobile app, violin players can browse all the scores uploaded. The playback feature makes it more convenient to practice the pieces with the accompaniments and the metronome. Also, transposition is supported.

On the score sharing platform, violin players are able to view, download, and share various violin sheet music. In the “Community” page, heated discussions based on different topics make violin players from all over the world connect with each other.

As a scorewriter, MuseScore can be downloaded to computers directly. The score viewer and playback app is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices, while the sheet music sharing platform is web-based.

Newzik: A Sheet Music Toolbox for Violin Players

How about building a private digital library of violin sheet music which can be accessed anytime and anywhere? Well, Newzik allows violin teachers and students to do so.

Import the Violin Sheet Music with Media Files

Violinists can use different ways to import thousands of music scores into Newzik, and organize them into “Setlists” and “Projects”. The “Setlists” works as a personal catalog of sheet music for individual violinists, while the “Projects” feature allows multiple musicians to share and modify music scores.

To get familiar with a new violin piece, violinists may need to watch or listen to the live performance while reading the music. Newzik completely meets the demand.

In Newzik, violin players are able to add media files after entering the score. Both audio and video files are supported. Users can even search for videos from YouTube directly.

To customize the playing, users can set the speed and transposition by themselves.

Annotate, Export, and Share Music Scores

Newzik offers a platform for violinists to create and edit violin sheet music with a set of tools, and share the annotations in real-time with other musicians. Both the music score and the annotations can be exported.

What’s more, the “Band“ feature makes it possible for Newzik users to get connected with each other through devices, share the sheet music online, and play together offline.

As a mobile music app, Newzik is only available on iOS devices.

Pockestra: An Orchestra in Violinists’ Pocket

For violin teachers and students, carrying a mobile device with Pockestra installed is like carrying a portable orchestra with themselves."

Accompaniment and Violin Sheet Music

From classical to diverse genres, Pockestra offers numerous music scores and accompaniments. In the app, violin players can listen to the prerecorded accompaniments directly while sight reading the pieces. Also, the tempo and key can be changed to meet different violinists’ needs.

Sheet music can be searched by filtering or simply typing in the title, the composer’s name, or the name of the album.

If the violin players fail to find the sheet music they need, they can reach out to the Pockestra team by using the “Request“ feature. New contents will be uploaded to the app every week.

Pockestra can be used on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Metronaut: Violinists’ Tailor-made Musical Accompaniment App

Metronaut gives violinists the freedom to have more fun with music.

In the app, there is a growing catalog of music accompaniments for every instrument and level. Metronaut’s accompanists are among the best orchestras and pianists, and each accompaniment offers fully acoustic and high quality studio recordings.

Take Control over Tempo and Key

Violinists are in full control of the digital score. They can choose the speed of the accompaniment according to their own preference. Thanks to the automatic and quality preserving transposition, they can also play pieces not written for violin. After the violin playing, the recordings can be checked, listened to, and shared.

Annotate and Print Music Scores

In Metronaut, Violin teachers can add indications to the sheet music or highlight the score for their students, as they would do on a regular violin sheet music. The users can also print the score if they would rather work on paper.

Take the Lead and Play at the Violin Player’s Own Rhythm

Violinists can personalize their performance using the app’s speed adaptation feature. The feature empowers the musicians to play at their own rhythm throughout the piece. Metronaut just adapts the accompaniment tempo to the player’s interpretation in real-time.

Metronaut is only available on mobile devices with systems of iOS 13 and above versions.

2020 has been tough for music education due to the challenges, but awesome music apps are opening up new avenues for both music teachers and music students. The 10 best violin apps for 2021 meet diverse demands of all kinds of violin players, and help musicians be more engaged in music. We hope every violinist can make a difference in 2021 with the aid of the violin apps.

Have a HAPPY practice!!

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