Violy Practice makes Perfect —— An AI Music Practice Partner

Violy, an intelligent app which can listen to and understand strings’ voices.

Without any extra hardware, Violy can hear and follow your practicing, at the end output evaluation results and scores. Currently it supports evaluation of pitch and rhythm.
You can get 15 days gift to experience Premium features.

Even if you are not a Premium member, most of features are available to you, include all sheets downloading and playing.

[ Why Violy ]

VIoly makes your practicing easier.

  • For student: get practice feedback in time, raise efficiency of practicing; with less difficulty students can persist the violin studying.

  • For teacher: spend less time to correct student’s basic parts as pitch, rhythm, etc. So teach students more efficiently; get more knowledge about student’s practicing.

  • For parents: no more pain as practice partner; get more real data and stats about child’s practicing.

[ How to use ]

  • Get your iPhone/iPad device at hand.

  • Open the app, find the sheet you want to practice, and click to view the sheet. Check in evaluation mode.

  • Play open strings 1/2/3/4 (E,A,D,G) in turn, start a practice.

  • Score Following: the app recognizes your playing notes. Meanwhile, the cursor on the sheet catches up with your voice.

  • At the end of the practice, the app evaluates the practice, and outputs the result: score and stats - how many wrong pitch/rhythm notes, how much is the bias of each note.

[ Features ]

Active score following for evaluation:

  • Smart start: no need touch on device, just playing notes starts a practice.

  • Sheet following: during practicing the cursor follows the playing voice, and auto jumps to the right sheet position.

  • Auto stop: no need any touch on device. If you want to stop the practice, just stop playing.

  • Section practicing: start practicing at any start point, just need to click on sheet to set start point.

  • Duplicated section: duplicated section of sheet is supported well. Can set if or not duplicated section will be played.

  • Multiple voices support: follow multiple voices in sheet, and direct the bias of each note.

VIoly is the must-have violin learning/practicing app.

Violy is smart and AI-based. It listens, follows, evaluates, and grades your practices. It tells you where is wrong.

Two practice modes:

  • The default mode is Audition Mode. It is the right and recommendatory practice mode for ones who is familiar with the sheet.

  • Another option is Note-by-note. Under this mode, you just play the note where the cursor is. If your play is right, then the cursor will go to the next note, otherwise the cursor will not move. This mode is fit for ones who are not familiar with the sheet.

Sheets Cloud:

  • The electronic sheets are input based on original sheet books, so it can replace paper books.

  • All sheets can be played. Just click on the sheet to set new start point as playing.

  • Totally free for downloading all sheets.

  • Updates will be done automatically if any sheet bug is fixed.

  • More and more books will be added, and they will be free always.

Practice records and stats:

  • Score is calculated for every practice.

  • Detailed pitch/rhythm stats, and bias trends for every practice.

  • Stats for overall practicing time.

Together for teachers:

  • Create team to organize all your students.

  • View timeline of practices of all students, or of one.

  • View the detail result of one practice: score, stats, and analysis.

[ Feedback ]

We expect your feedback eagerly!

  • During usage, any question, idea or suggestion can be submit on “Me -> Help&Feedback -> Feedback” page.

  • There is feedback button on the left-top side of sheet page. By clicking this you can report sheet error of any sheet and tag the position.

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